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ANP TEAM 18 | Ashley Nicolle Photography 2018 Seniors

ANP Team 18 bragging moment: I have the sweetest girls on my team this year. I am so stoked to work with them. They were instant friends, super supportive of one another, and work so well together. When I set out to create a team of senior girls to represent my brand within their schools, I envisioned exactly this.

For our first team shoot together, the girls received agoodie bag filled with a few extensions of the ANP brand. The tank tops were a new addition this year and I couldn’t be happier with them. The quality is amazing (soft tees have my heart) and I think they’re kinda awesome!!

Do teenagers color? Honestly, I don’t know. But I do know that they should. I’m an adult and I’m obsessed with these doodle coloring books. Think of them as more simplified versions of those mandala coloring books -so you can actually finish a page in one sitting. They pretty much take your stress levels down a few notches on those high intensity days. Mindless coloring with an immediate reward. Win.

Neutral polish. Enough said. Sure, everyone loves a bold mani every once in awhile but senior pictures have the potential of REALLY dating you. Keeping your hair, makeup, outfits, and overall look timeless is super important when avoiding looking like a “millennial mistake” in the future… are current teens still millennials? Anyways you get the point! Neutral polish manicures.

I skipped right over the sparkly goodness inside the box. That’s because I saved the best for last! My intern, Chandler, is heaven-sent and made these for the team. Dark chocolate espresso cupcakes. Espresso! She went to herlocal coffee shop, Nervous Dog (which sounds super cute), got some espresso and incorporated it into her homemade cupcakes and frosting. I almost risked a trip to the hospital gorging on the gluteny goodness. They looked and smelled amazing! I did get to try the frosting and OH. MY. GOD.

Overall, the goodie bags were a success and just a little token of my appreciate for the girls! Pictures from our session coming soon 🙂

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