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Mill Creek Park Family Session | Sapp Family

Fellows Riverside Gardens | Mill Creek Park | Family Session

Theodore is 4!! I was lucky enough to document this cutie at Mill Creek Park which quickly turned into a play date because that’s pretty much how I work. I adore this little guy to no end. When he was a baby, I would constantly make jokes about taking him home with me (*but if his parents would’ve let me…).

mill creek park family pictures

He had a super cool birthday party with a Wild Kratts theme. I linked it in case you’ve been living under a childless rock like myself and have no clue what this show is. It’s educational, adventurous, and teaches about animals. Seems awesome! No lie though, my first thought when I heard Wild Kratts was “so like an updated Rugrats?” partly out of ignorance and partly because I secretly loved that show when my sister when young!

mill creek park family pictures

Theo’s super talented Aunt Jackie is an artist (Arty Pants) and created some awesome props to really bring his Wild Kratts theme to life that absolutely had to be documented during his shoot! The Jeep is my personal favorite. I mean seriously, how cool is that! And it’s the perfect kid-sized selfie booth.

mill creek park family pictures

My favorite photos are never mom and dads favorite but in this case I have a feeling we might be on the same page. I can’t wait to find out! Hint: it’s in the collage above. If you follow my IG story, you saw a few behind the scenes pics of Theo taking pictures of mommy and daddy with my camera. He was so eager to learn and nailed back button focus after 5 minutes. (Proud teacher moment)

mill creek park family pictures

Thankfully, Krista is a chiropractor because this “little” guy isn’t so little anymore and his daddy had him flying through the air throughout our whole session!

Sapp Family, you’re awesome! I will gladly shoot with you any day especially if it means ending the session in a tickle fight with my favorite little guy!

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