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Geneva-on-the-Lake Senior Session | Ashley Nicolle Photography

Geneva-on-the-Lake senior session

Warren JFK | Liz

Liz is one of our 2018 ANP Ambassadors! Let’s take a trip back to the warm and sunny days of June to check out her session. Destination sessions are my all time favorite. Some people get freaked out by this idea thinking they need to spend a fortune or travel across the country. Not true! Of course California is always an option, but we have so many cool spots within an hour driving distance to us right here!

For Liz’s session, she wanted to combine a few different elements. Geneva was definitely the perfect spot. It offers a vintage vibe, the lake, and as long as you don’t go during the same week we did (Mayflies had taken over), there’s lots of formal spots too! Liz did an awesome job of planning out her outfits to coordinate with the scenery. When you have a busy background and want to stand out, solids the way to go.

Liz is currently a senior at Warren JFK, she’s class president, highly intelligent, and involved in multiple school activities, sports, and volunteer opportunities. She also has awesome style and is an absolute natural in front of the camera. This town was swarming (no exaggeration) with Mayflies and she didn’t flinch once!

Time traveling.

I grew up spending large chunks of my summer at Lake Erie. The rock-filled bottom and minimal shoreline are super nostalgic. So naturally, I spent way more time on this part of the shoot. Not to mention, Liz was absolutely killing it so why stop!



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