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Youngstown senior photographer | bomb pops & blue icee’s

two girls on basketball court with popsicles

ANP Ambassador bonus shoot

blue icee

This shoot started out super simple. A blue icee theme. I’m obsessed with them. Obsessed. Like go to the movie theatre to get a blue icee & popcorn and leave without seeing a movie kind of obsession. I made the cutest mood board filled with glittery makeup and let my ambassador Grace run with it! I figured this would be a 15 minute shoot. Fun. Simple. And satisfy my creative burst of energy. AND maybe, just maybe, get the attention of the Icee Corp.

collage of photos with girl holding blue icee in a park
two girls on basketball court with bomb pops

I should know better by now!! Marleah, a super talented art student, and former ANP ambassador collaborated on the shoot with me. Once the ideas started flowing, we were having way too much fun for a simple, quick shoot.

two girls on a basketball court with bubbles

bomb pops

We brought props, bubbles, popsicles.. Expanded the shoot from one model to two models and had a blast playing around shooting for well over an hour in the coolest, old, basketball court that gave off the perfect aesthetic.

two girls cheersing with popsicles
collage of photos with girl holding popsicle in a park

My dark & moody artsy side came out during Braiden’s bomb pop shoot! I imagined this super fun, summer day type shoot. Kind of childhood-like, but the lighting inspired me to go in another direction. That’s what I love about the freedom of these bonus shoots, there’s no rules to follow or restrictions.

For those of you on the edge of your seats in anticipation, we didn’t get recognized by bomb pop or the icee co. wonk. wonk.

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