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Grace | Tropical senior session

ashley nicolle photography senior pictures in tropical rainforest cleveland zoo

Grace | Class of 2020 | Canfield High School

I’m so grateful to have had Grace as my intern for Ashley Nicolle Photography this year! She is such a creative, strong leader, and brought so much positivity and growth to the group this year. She had a very clear vision for her senior session and I had an absolute blast working with her as always! Last minute we decided to vlog her senior session not knowing the chaos that was about to happen!!

tropical senior session at metropolitan coffee | ashley nicolle photography senior pictures


The tropical theme is present in each of her senior session locations which is not an easy task in Ohio, but we totally brought it to life. Metropolitan Coffee was our first stop and honestly is the most aesthetic coffee shop! It had this super cool retro vibe, but still incorporated the bright, tropical elements Grace wanted.

metropolitan coffee | ashley nicolle photography senior pictures

The second location was the Cleveland Zoo. Now, if you know me, you’re like “wait, you went to the zoo?” I did. For Grace. And man, did we get an adventure out of it! The rainforest portion of the zoo looks like a tropical paradise, so we were stoked to shoot there. Until we saw the line. There were hundreds of people waiting to get into the rainforest on a random weekday. We decided to stay and go for it. Grace was committed and I was determined to give her an awesome shoot.

tropical senior session at cleveland zoo | ashley nicolle photography senior pictures

We eventually learned that the corpse flower had bloomed and was all over the news so people were arriving in droves to see this thing. This isn’t your regular flower; it’s like 10 feet tall and blooms every 7 years for only 24 hours. So of course, unknown to us, it had bloomed for Grace’s shoot. The smell of this thing literally smelled like rotting corpse. I made sure to capture Grace’s reaction to give you the full effect.

tropical rainforest cleveland zoo | ashley nicolle photography senior pictures

We were able to shoot around the lines and chaos and honestly had so much fun! Grace didn’t let the line, or rain, or corpse flower affect her vibe and immediately went back into shooting mode. That is not easy to do, so I give her major props! In the end, she got to create lasting memories and has a great story to associate her senior pics with!

Grace, thank you so much for everything you’ve contributed this year and becoming a part of the ANP Ambassador family. I am so happy to have gotten to share this experience with you! I hope it was a highlight in your senior year!

professional hair & makeup

Shoutout to my awesome hair & makeup team for keeping Grace looking flawlessly herself for the entire shoot, keeping her stress-free, and giving her a great experience to start off with! Add them to your session. Seriously. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

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