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Full senior portrait session

Pictures from a Pittsburgh senior session

Senior pictures in pittsburgh on the yellow bridge with blue bus behind

full senior portrait session

My perspective of instagram, and social media in general is that it’s a highlight reel. It’s showing you a little peek into my favorite images from a session. Showing you full senior portrait session is necessary though, and you should request to see one before booking with any photographer.

Let me explain why.

Hubbard high school senior taking senior pictures in the city


Most photographers can produce a great image, or even a few great images, right? But the days of ordering one or a few senior pictures are gone. Seniors want content to post that goes beyond a yearbook headshot. Parents want apps to show off their senior’s photos to the other bleacher parents.

So this is where consistency comes in. Did your photographer just get lucky with a few great images, or do they actually know what they’re doing in any lighting situation. Viewing a full senior portrait session allows you to see if your photographer is using the light properly, composition, posing, and overall aesthetic of the photos.

Hubbard high school senior pictures against bright pink and orange building in pittsburgh


Here’s a few question to ask as you’re viewing a full senior portrait session.

  • Are the photos all the same?
  • Does the senior look comfortable, or tense in the photos?
  • Is the editing consistent?
  • Is their a variety in locations used or do they stay in one area for the whole shoot?
Hubbard senior taking senior pictures against white architectural background


There’s no rules when it comes to how many photos a photographer will take and/or deliver. Quality vs quantity comes into play here. And it totally depends on what you prioritize as the client. Would you want 30-50 high quality photos with hand-edited retouching for blemishes, or do you prefer having 100+ photos with a quick preset & blur filter applied. There are photographers for everyone so be sure you look at a full gallery before booking!


This was an upgraded session we shot in Pittsburgh. It will give you an idea of what a full gallery looks like and how I pair up outfits with locations!

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