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My heart was made to create a way for women to see & appreciate their beauty. This boudoir series will take many shapes & forms. It is an expression of self-love, empowerment, & confidence. That looks different for so many women and I cannot wait to document a chapter of your journey. 

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"I never set out to get my own boudoir portraits taken. I was in a very dark place in my life. My body wasn’t in the best shape. I was mentally drowning in self-doubt. I had completely lost the value in myself. 

For so long, I let my self-worth be determined by others. I would be taken on highs feeling like I was the best version of me, to abrupt, extreme lows where I couldn’t help but feel useless. 

With boundaries drawn, the toxicity faded, yet I still felt hollow. My amazing, kickass photographer friend told me she was shooting a boudoir session for me. I waffled back & forth with the idea, but ultimately put my trust in her. 

I cannot put into words how empowering & life changing that shoot was. I felt beautiful, confident, seen, like ME again. Buried deep down was that same woman dying to be fed with encouragement and life. What my friend did for me that day was the best gift I ever received. 

I fell in love with style, the art, the process, and most importantly the feeling. The empowerment, confidence, & self-worth left me with a new love, myself. 

Now, it’s my turn to pass that gift on. No matter what your story. No matter what your reason, be open and allow the experience to take hold of you completely.”

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"My session was empowering, carefree and comfortable."

My session with Ashley was very empowering, carefree, and comfortable. My images are beautiful! I initially expected to maybe feel uncomfortable at times, but it was so fun and not uncomfortable at all! My advice would be to make sure you research photographers. Be sure that you are comfortable with the location and photographer to ensure a fun and carefree experience.


"Let go of insecurities and embrace your own beauty!"

My session went great, and I felt immediately comfortable. Ashley helped me not look or feel awkward. It also made me feel better about what insecurities I have about myself. My advice would be to let go of insecurities and embrace your own beauty!


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