for the creatives

My background is in teaching, photojournalism, and marketing, so it's basically the perfect storm for a photography business! There are so many education resources out there and I'm genuinely honored you're considering me! The descriptions below have each of the mentoring options I offer. Email me with any additional questions!


Let's have a coffee date, or meet over zoom! This option is ideal for narrowing in on a specific topic in your business. It works well for a newbie, or a seasoned veteran looking to improve a specific area of their business.
- $250/hr

Mentoring Option 2: Cheers to you taking a huge step in your business! This option holds nothing back for 3 hours. You bring questions and a few areas of your business to improve, and we take a deep dive into all of it! I will be an open book and tailor the mentoring experience to whatever you need help with. We can do this over coffee, cocktails, or even zoom in our cozies! 
- $700

Mentoring Option 3: The all encompassing business upgrade! Take everything you learn in option 2 and ADD a portrait  shoot to the day! We will shoot with one of my ambassadors (you are welcome to ask them questions.) I'll show you how I start a session, posing, & then you take control while I give you camera and lighting advice and constructive critiques to take your shooting to the next level!
- $1500